Monday, May 27, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week 2013

Hello there friends! :">
Aww it's been a while since I last posted something here in my blog :>
Well I've been very busy since my boyfriend went home last February from California :> And oh btw, we finally got married last May 17 :D

Haha. Shocking I know, that's what are friends thought too :>
Anyways, my hubby is sleeping now right next to me so I might as well share you guys our
Ph Fashion Week Experience Last May 25 held at SMX Convention Center :>

Oh I dont like our seats :/ but we still have an amazing experience though. 

It's his first time to attend Fashion Week :"> He said that he's on my world now and even said that fashion is weird :"> hihi

Me after the show :>

The great Sir Jun Jun Cambe :"> Lovin his retro fashion collection.

My oh so handsome husband :"> <3 O.O :D

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Cheers and much LOVE :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Shopping Haul: February 2013

So last time I went out to unwind, and shopping is really the best way to
make me feel good :) Who doesn't love shopping, anyway?
Well, shopping doesn't always need you to cost a lot. I love buying quality stuff yet affordable :)
That way I can get a lot of stuff without leaving my pocket a big hole. Lol.

For example, I got these new tights for only 100 php each :) 
They're really a must have on girls' closets. You can wear them during lazy days or pair them with your favorite top and shoes :)

Loving my zebra print harem pants ;)

Girly stuff :">
Haha. Flower Wreaths are everywhere nowadays but I don't think I can pull that off so I looked for
a headband with flowers instead :">
Aren't they cute?? I feel like so young and girly wearing them :> hihi
I got them 2 for 50 php (more than a dollar) along the side walk on my way to a certain mall :>

And this is my favorite part.. Thrifting :)
I go thrifting once in a while to find unique pieces yet affordable ones.
Haha, you got to be really patience finding clothes and shoes and bags :">
 I go to quality thrift stores that sells imported goods which are almost as good as new.

Im so happy that I found this beautiful jewel embellishment forming a skull and a cardigan with chains on shoulder part. Yey :) They're only 105 pesos each :> or just more than 2 dollars each :>

When I pulled this off on the rack, I can see the girl next to me staring at these pieces, and I was like "not a chance you'll get this from me". hahahaha. 

And lastly, a gorgeous bag! The style is so classy and it really looks new. I love the Black jewels and gold chain straps making it look sophisticated :> 
I got this for only 380 pesos or more than 9 dollars.
How bout that? I drooled a lot when I see the bags they sell, omg if I can get everything
I want there. Gaaah :))

And oh by the way, this is my outfit while shopping :)
I chose to dress down a little bit a wear a comfortable clothes and sneakers so I can move freely
and can be able to walk all day long :) 

Bright Yellow Sneakers - Reebok

Im only the one who took the photos :) I set my phone on timer and voila :>

Thanks for the patience reading my post :"> I hope I inspire you more to
shop wisely because money is really important in everyday living :)

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Have a nice day everyone! :)
Cheers and much Love,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Peach and Black

Hollaaa! :) Im feeling good today :"> Last time Im just a dreamer and next thing I know
I already reached it :"> But I know that's just the beginning for my new journey. A very long journey of being a nurse :)

A day after the NLE results, I went to church to thank our dear Lord for the blessing he has given me and came to visit Mom's grave after to narrate her everything I feel about it :">

And this is what I wore :)

Im wearing a peachy orange dress that I got from MINT on sale. They are known for having colorful collections that are very sexy and chic. Here's their new collection .

Lace Bolero - SM Department Store Kid's Section
Yea! I got that from kid's section, funny I know haha. I'm so petite that their sizes fits perfectly on me :) And when I grabbed some clothes, the sales lady was looking weird on me and I said "for my cousins" hahaha I grinned on my mind and then headed to the cashier as fast as I can. Lmao :D

Black and Neon Pink Shoes- SM Department Store

Watch and accessories from -TOMATO :"> I posted it here

Some emo time with mom :> :')

I just love visiting here, very peaceful and I feel like Im freeing my soul every time I am staying here even for only few hours. :') If the world will try to turn me down or every time Im so happy for every little things that will come to my life, you know were to find me :"> 

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Thanks for reading!
much love,

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A dream that finally came true

I thought today is just a typical day like the others that passed by, but not until
I heard the Good News that will change my life forever.
So my friend Yhunize sent me a pm on FB congratulating me, and I was like "huh? for what?"
and as I read on, I saw my name that she typed on as
(it means I am one of the board passers in December 2012 Nursing Licensure Examination)

I was in awe that moment, and I feel like really? Seriously?
I just couldn't believe and I need to see it for my self so she sent me the lists of board passers.

I was shaking and about to cry, the first thing that comes to my mind is my loving mom who passed away months after my graduation. I am so happy that I made her dream for me come true :">
I could imagine how happy she would be if she was still here, but I know wherever she is, 
she's smiling down on me from heaven :)
I called my loving fiance immediately to tell him the good news but I was in surprise that he already know that I passed and he was so proud and happy for me :">
Those moments are priceless :'> 

Didn't really expect the result will be released today and I was so glad 
I am one of the new REGISTERED NURSE! <3

I thank God for guiding me and helping me all through out. To God be the glory!
Dreams do come true :"> Just work hard on it and God will do the rest.

Thanks for reading! :)
much love,
your new nurse 
Chachabels :">


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Throwback fashion looks

Glamour Girl Look
This look is perfect for special occasions, events or gatherings. The touch of red made this look stood out.

Nerdy Casual Look
One thing I love this look is my Chinese top that I got from mom's closet. It seemed old and out of fashion she said but i thought i can work it with some good accessories and voila!

Boyfriend's Jacket
Feeling lazy so I chose to dress down a little bit :"> My boyfie's jacket is perfect while watching the seaside sunset :"> 
Cheetah print sneakers- GUESS

Creative Edgy Look
I really love my DIY necklace in this look. :> It's just a cut out of mom's old blouse and decided to make it as a necklace. How was it? :)
Vest and boots are thrifted. Bracelet wore as hair accesorry.

Summer Look
This look is perfect for a very hot weather here in philippines :"> And my native bag is proudly made here in Ph :">

Malling Look
Out to shop? Wear something simple and rock it with a statement bag and blazer :">

There you have it! So which one is your favorite?  I hope you enjoyed some of my looks that I've shared. And I hope you got some ideas on how to rock your look with creativity and with proper mixing and matching as well :">

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Cheers and much love,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

37th Month of Forever

So me and my guy are celebrating our 37th month of our love today. 
He's been in California for 8 months  and I really miss him a lot and finally he's going back here in the Philippines this coming February but the exact date is still unknown. He said he wants to surprise me so he won't tell me anything on his flight date and I'm freaking out already but pretty much excited to see him , though. :D

Since we're distant to each other we always tried to still have an effort for our special days you know, to make each other feel so loved. So here, I made him a slideshow with the best love song
 (You're still the one- Shania Twain) that relates to our love story :">

It's really hard to be miles away from your love one but you know, 
absence makes the heart grow fonder.
And everything is just so possible when you're deeply inlove to each other. :">

Love always win.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One Sweet Day

This is my first visit to my mom for this year. I just feel amazing to talk to her. A lot. Narrate random things that happened to me from the past month. She doesn't need to talk to make me feel good, but I really hope she did hear me :>

Brogues - UNO Department Store

I stumble upon my Grandma's vintage blazer on my closet. And so I wore it, my tita told me that she can't imagine that will look good on me and regret that she gave that to me. :>

That's Shaine. My niece, she's the one who took my photos here. She's good, isn't she? :>
Look at the grass, they are so dry, maybe it's because they are just planted recently when my uncle died last December. They decided to bury him on the same place with mom, so.
I just hope the grasses will grow healthy as time goes. 

Good thing this guy here helped us to reshape and water the grasses. :)

For now. I must go, my people needs me.
Lol. Just kidding, Im just tryna help that guy to clean mom's grave. :>

Have a nice year people!

cheers and much love,