Wednesday, December 3, 2014

YSL x Forever 21

Another outfit post for Autumn, I tried not to look like a typical girl who wears just a sweater, leggings and that ugh boots, I mean Im not judging them, and I respect that it's comfty (I sure know coz I wear those too on very lazy days)  but dont you just love 
it to be different? Im pretty sure when you go outside you can stumble upon them girls wearing the same on the mall, street, school, isn't that annoying at times? Lol. Life's too short, dress your best.

Im lovin my booties from Forever 21, that is the last pair they have and thank goodness it fits on me. (It's meant to be

Golden Clutch is YSL that I got from Thrift Store.

Coat and Sweater is from DD's. I got it for the less than you could Imagine. You don't need to have the priciest stuff to look your best, it depends on how you carry yourself :)

Sure, everyone wants to have like, "the dream clothes and shoes" but you don't need to starve yourself to buy things that is not yet meant to be for you to have. In time girls in perfect time. work hard and invest on more important things.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!

Cheers and Much Love,

Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Fall Fashion Must Haves 2014

Hey dolls! I know some of you guys are still in denial that Summer is over and it also means that we have to say goodbye to our crop tops and shorts for now. I feel the same way too but I am really looking forward for Fall, coz it's gunna be my first time to experience it and I gotta rock this season. 

Fall is the comfty / lazy season as they say because it's where you wear pants, jackets, and boots but hey, you should still look fierce, edgy and/or classy. If you wanna stand out from the rest, honey you should always look your best. Im going to give you the list of my must haves to look fab this Fall which is perfect for Mall date and/or Casual Lunch Date with friends.

The First thing in my list is my Michael Kors Bag. Every girl should have a bag that can be use to every occasion such as Casual Date, Job Interview and/or Family Gathering. It's so important to me because it's where I put all my things and at the same time it adds to my over all look. 

The Second must have for me is a Long Sleeve Top that has a good Print so I can stand out from the crowd. And my H&M Divided Top is a perfect example. It's a Long Sleeve Crop Top, (oh yeah baby noone gives up crop top that easily, lol) I know I know it's crop top, but you got to understand, Im from Cali where weather is a little weird, sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's hot or both so I need to compensate. :D

BOOTS is the third must have on my list. I've been waiting forever to wear long boots, because Im originally from a tropical country, so I cant wear one there. I dont know but if you are a just a normal being and you wear boots there, trust me they will give you faces. No offense but that's just the truth. I got mine from NU Pair I think, but there's a lot of boots in the Market out there that would be perfect for your style. Get the color black or brown so it would be easy for you to match it to any outfit.

FOREVER 21's Gold and Leather Choker is definitely the number FOUR must have list for this season. What I love this is that you can pretty much wear it to any outfit you want. If you want to be a smart shopper, that's one quality that you should have in mind.  Accessories add some spice to our look, gold and black color is perfect for fall. Gold is a classic color and black compliment it with an edgy vibe which makes it a great combo. 

And to complete my whole look and also the last must have for this season is a Dark Color Lipstick. Im using my Revlon Plum Velour Lipstick. To see how I did my lips and to know more about the latest trend on Make up for Autumn, click here. This kind of lipstick shade gives an extra edgy look and makes you look fierce which is what Im going for for this season.

And I've got some good news for you shopping freaks. I know we all want to look good and shop for the good stuff but it doesn't always mean that we have to break our piggy banks. I have recently discovered, it's a site where you can buy DISCOUNTED GIFT CARDS to tons of brands including the things I have on must have list such as MK, H&M, F21. They also have MACY's and Target gift cards and many more. It's so easy to join and they also ship all gift cards for FREE! Say what??!! That's just amazing. But that's not all, aside from you can 
BUY giftcards, you can also SELL your gift cards there. Visit their website now to learn more about it.

Omg! Gaah this is so cool. This is a total must have for winter you guys, it's so cute I died. Lol

So that's pretty much it for today! Thanks for your time reading. 
Always remember to be yourself, dress to express. Dress up to feel better about 
yourself. It's always healthy to feel good from the inside. 

Cheers and much Love,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall Make Up 2014

Hi Everyone! Summer is officially over and Fall is here. Im so excited because it's my first time to experience Fall because Im originally from a tropical country (Philippines) which has only 2 seasons (Summer and Rainy season). 

I did some research on Fall Make Up and I have learnt that this years trends are Metallic look, Lash Out, Bare Minimum, Glow Getter, Color Theory and 60's inspired. (c)

I personally love Glow Getter because it looks like your skin are healthy glowing, and also love the Metallic look and color theory. It's bold and it looks classy and sophisticated. 

Today Im gunna make my own version of Fall Make Up. I want the look that is
classy and sophisticated and this is what I came up with.

Today Im gonna focus on eyes and lips. If you wanna know about my foundation and contour routine you can visit my post here and here.
Aright let's start! 


1. I started to do my brows first. Nice brows will help add up to the whole look. To know how I did my brows, click here to see the tutorial.

2. I use my Victoria Secret on the go Make Up to create my smokey eye. I first put the light brown shadow  (1) and apply it on the outer portion of my lid. This will create a gradient effect once I put the darker shades. Blend it.

3. I then loaded up my brush with coffee brown shade (2) and put it on my crease. Blend blend blend.

4. Then I take the black color (3) and put it on my lid. Dont forget to bring the color under your waterline. Blend it well.

5. Then I loaded up my brush with White shimmery shade (4) and put it on my brow bones to highlight my brows.

6. Go get your black eyeliner and line your eyes. And dont forget to put your favorite mascara on.

7. I put a little bit of the same White shimmery shade (not shown in photo) on my lids to add some
shine and blend it together with the other shadows.


1. Line your lips to make it look fuller and also to make your lipstick last longer. 

2. Put on your favorite dark lipstick to complete the look, I am using Revlon in Plum Velour.

This is the final Look :)

Hope you guys like it. If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to comment below :)
Thank you for reading! <3

Cheers and much Love,

3 Easy Steps to do your Eyebrows

Hey dolls! Today lets talk about eyebrows. Before, I never thought how important
eyebrows are and how it can change our look. 
It can make us look better or worst depending on how you do your eyebrows.
Remember, the thicker your brows are the younger you look but girls, please don't overdo you your eyebrows or else you will look like a hot mess.

I will show you how I do my eyebrows in 3 easy steps using my newly discovered eyebrow pencil from Daiso for only $1.50. This tutorial is perfect for beginners and also for those who is in hurry.

Line the outer part of your brow accordingly to create the shape that you wanted. You can follow your original eyebrow shape or you can do an arch if you want to look fierce or make it straight for more youthful and sophisticated look.

Fill in the empty inner portion of your brow, be careful not to over draw on the brow head to make it look natural and not to made up.

Brush it accordingly to soften any harsh edges. 

And Voila! We're done. Easy Breezy! <3

So that's pretty much it for today. I hope this tutorial helps you. Dont forget to leave a comment for any suggestions and stuff.

Cheers and much Love,

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Amazing Yardsale Finds

Hi everyone! Im so excited to share with you guys what I and my husband found at 
the Yardsale last weekend. 
One of our hobbies are going online and find the nearest yardsale that we can go to and hoping to find gems that's very affordable. We're hoping to find some antiques or anything old that could possibly have some value (those like what we see on Pawn Stars) but we haven't find one yet lol. 

Anyways, while we're doing the laundry somewhere, we saw a "big yard sale" sign so we decided  to stop by for a moment. The first yardsale was a meh, full of old granny clothes and dirty cooking wares, so we moved on to the second one. 

Upon seeing it from a far, I knew it has some good quality stuff that we can get but Im not expecting that it would be at a very low price.

The first thing that captured my eyes is the neon green Nine West Bag, the Asian owner said it's brandnew and it has a price tag worth $69. She's only selling it for only $13. Best part is it has no tax! :D I dropped it for a moment to see if there's more awesome things that I may like.
Then I saw a pile of books, it's all in good condition and guess what's the price is?
It's only for a DOLLAR for TEN BOOKS. How awesome is that? I cant even believe it myself so I needed to ask the owner several times to make sure. :D

These are the books that I had. personally love Dan Browns' Books. Im not a book worm but Im gonna read these books if I have nothing to do, or maybe not? Just Kidding :D
Then I saw this almost brand new Nude Pump Shoes. I've been wanting to have these for a while, and when I saw the price, I knew it was for me. Good thing it fits well on me! Oh destiny <3 Lol
The gorgeous nude pumps, for only $6. 

It's price tag says, it's 7 bucks but the asian girl said she'll give me discount and she gave it to me for $6. Not bad, and then I realize on the back of my mind, 'hmm hey maybe I could get discount for that Nine West Bag too? ' :D

Hubby also found something to buy too, it's a black comfty rocking gaming seats. I dont know if that's how you really call it. haha But anyways, it's only 2 for $20, he asked me if he should get it, and I see that sparkle in his eyes, (you know that moment when you'r really want something you cant even ugh haha) We inspected it first for its condition, and after seeing that it's nice to have in our room, we've decided to get it too. 

We paid for our own stuff and we're about to go when my husband asked me, What about that bag?, he knew I loved it so he asked the owner if we can get it for 10 bucks. The owner seemed reluctant at first but seeing that we bought a lot from her stuff made her decide to sell that bag for that very low price. Good Job Hubby! <3 so sweet :">

Brand New Neon Nine West Bag, $10
So inlove with it's color. I also love the Ipad Case in it so it would not be a hassle to bring my Ipad 
anywhere you want. 

Going on yardsale is so much fun :"> I hope you guys can find good stuff too on a garage sale.
thanks for your time reading, take care! <3

Cheers and much Love,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Kylie Jenner Inspired Everyday Make Up Look

Kylie Jenner is on the rise of becoming the next big thing  ( though she's already a big thing since when she was little but she's now on the road to become an icon, I think) like her elder sisters, The Kardashians. Although she's still young, people cant help but admire her fashion sense and of course, her Make Up style. It runs on her blood, being gorgeous like that. :)

She's known for sporting a winged liner, nice brows and perfect pouty lips. They even criticize her that she has lip fillers, but I think she's just overlining her lips with lip liner to make it look more fuller. That's the power of make up. What do you guys think?

After browsing her Selfie posts on her Instagram, I've decided that this is the look that I want to recreate. It's simple, fresh and totally wearable. That's the kind of makeup I usually go for.

Don't get me wrong guys, Im not saying that I look like Kylie Jenner, I just got inspired
by her Make Up so I've decided to recreate it.

For my Face;
  1. GOODBYE PORE EVER (ETUDE HOUSE) - I use this as primer, it also reduces the appearance of my pores. I love the smooth feeling on my skin right after putting this on.
  2. REVLON COLORSTAY WHIPPED CREME (NUDE)- Perfect drugstore foundation that gives you medium to full coverage. It's also long lasting to wear and is perfect for oily skin.
  3. NATURACTOR- Kylie is has perfect flawless skin, so I need to cover up my blemishes like dark circles and my pimple marks. This Naturactor concealer does all the job.
  4. RIMMEL STAY MATTE - And of course, I set all my make up using this mattifying powder. 
  5. PHYSICIANS FORMULA BRONZE BOOSTER-  I used this on this look to contour my face like Kylie does, just a little bit of Summer bronze on the side of my cheeks, nose and chin. And I also I used the just a bit of winter shade to highlight the highest point of my cheeks. 

For my Brows, Eyes and Lips;

  1. MAC LINER in Black -  I changed the shape of my brows to match Kylie's using this liner and brush away all the harsh edges to make it look natural using my spooley brush.
  2. LOREAL Wear Infinite Eyeshadow (Kerrys Bronzes 823)- I used the light brown color on my lids and the lightest color on my brow bones.
  3. DOLLY WINK EYELINER- line your eyes using this felt tip eyeliner, perfecting a winged liner is not an easy thing to do, there's always that one day that we cant just make it perfect and we tend to adding up layers to make it even until we look like a freakin' panda. Isn't that annoying?? But just redo it until you achieve that perfect winged eyeliner. Never give up for beauty. :P
  4. COVERGIRL LASHBLASTLUXE- And of course you can never complete your look without curling your lashes and putting your fave mascara on. Kylie is known for having thick eyelashes like her sisters, so you can put some natural looking eyelashes to add some more drama on your eyes.
  5. RIMMEL EXAGGERATE LIPLINER (063)- This is what I used on my lips, I love it's color and it doesn't make my lips dry at all. It looks so natural, never thought that natural lip color can look good on me. 

Gold Chain Necklace | Forever21

I was so insecure when I was a kid because I have awkward big lips, I thought it's not a nice thing to have because i grow up to the era where beauty is when you have small lips. I always wish to have smaller lips but then I realized what I have is not a flaw, I embraced what I have and I started to feel good about myself. (Thanks alot Angelina Jolie for changing the whole world's point of view) We are unique in every way. Learn to love yourself first :)

That's it for today. Thanks for your time reading my page. if you have any suggestions or questions, you can leave a comment below. 
Have a great day! <3

Cheers and much Love,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July Inspired Make Up

What up loves! Independence day or also known as Fourth of July is just around the corner, 
it is the day that Americans are celebrating their independence from Kingdom of Great Britain, now known 
as United Kingdom. (Thanks google for the info, Lol)
 It is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnival, picnics and 
family reunions so I thought I could make a make up look inspired by it. :)

This is what I came up with, just a simple look that is perfect from day to night activities during the Fourth of July Celebration :) 

Here are the products that I used to create this look :)

For my FACE;
Before I put anything on my face, I make sure it's clean and I applied sunblock prior to this products.
  1. REVLON COLORSTAY WHIPPED CREME (Nude)- This is one of the best drugstore foundation in the Market, it gives you medium to full coverage and it glides smoothly on your face and small amount of it goes a long way. I use sponge to blend this on my face, it gives you instant flawless skin. 
  2. NATURACTOR (141 Shade) - If you're looking for a nice concealer, this is the GEM! It's Made in Japan and this is very popular in Asia. This is what celebrities in the Philippines are using. It can cover your blemishes like pimple marks and dark circles. I use this around my chin to cover up some of the break outs I have. You can also use this as foundation alone, that's how good it is. I think you can get one on Ebay.
  3. HOLIKA HOLIKA - I set my foundation using this loose powder. What I love about it is the glitters that looks good on skin especially when hit by the sunlight.

For my Brows, Eyes and Lips;

  1. DARK BROWN MAC LINER - I dont wanna overdo my eyebrows because I will be sporting a strong lip color so I keep it natural looking using this eyeliner.
  2. BLUE AND RED MAC LINER - I used Blue and Red liner of my eyes because thats the main color of American Flag. I created a wing using the Blue liner and created some touch of Red Liner under my eyes.
  3. NYC LIQUID EYELINER - This is my new fave liquid eyeliner, it's so cheap but it lasts longer on my eyes. I just out a little bit of this to define my eyes.
  4. MAYBELLINE FALSIES MASCARA- And dont forget to put your Mascara on. I have so short eyelashes and it sucks :( I dont where I am when God showered the world with long lashes. 
  5. MAC RED LIPSTICK- And to finish the look, bring out the reddest lipstick you have :) I line my lips first with the same Red eyeliner I used on my eyes then put this MAC lipstick on. I dont know what it's called, yea it' red thats all I know :D

 That's pretty much it for my 4th of July make up look, it's simple, easy to do and totally wearable :) 
Dont get me wrong dolls, Im no professional Make Up Guru or anything, my Makeup skills is not as good as others too but hey I'm just expressing myself here on my blog, so please don't judge. :) 

Thanks so much for your time reading my posts! If you want me to follow your blog leave some comments below and maybe we can follow each other. I would love to discover new blogs. <3

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your Long Weekend! <3 

Cheers and much Love,